You'll probably have lots of burning questions about Basecamp, whether it's wondering what accommodation you'll be staying in to the salary of a ski instructor. We've tried to answer all possible questions you may have about this experience, so take a look below. If we haven't managed to satisfy your concerns, then don't hesitate to get in contact with us for more help.

While renting might seem like the cheaper option, we recommend buying your equipment. We’ll give you a discount through our Bründl Sports partner programme, making the cost of buying much cheaper than renting.

For most of our courses, you don’t need to worry about testing the equipment before you buy it. That’s because we can return, swap, or adjust any equipment that isn’t working for you. You’ll be able to try out equipment before you buy it on our Canadian courses because the conditions in Canada are different to our other locations.

If you have your own personal equipment, we’ll need to check this once you’ve arrived and started to use it. If you bring your own boots, we may find that they’re not quite right for the skiing or snowboarding you’ll be doing on this course – for example, the volume, stiffness, and flex are critical to your success.

Equally, you’ll need very specific skis and snowboards for your time here, and we don’t want you to make an expensive purchase only to find out it’s not suitable!

We recommend bringing any equipment you have that is from a reputable manufacturer and is well-maintained. We’ll help you to understand whether or not it’s right for your course, and if it’s not, you can stock up on the right equipment while you’re here. We’ll only be able to make this decision once you arrive.

Along with our partner, Bründl Sports, we’ve put together a couple of equipment packages so you can buy everything you need for your trip at an affordable price. You’ll be able to buy these prior to arriving, so you can pay for it as part of your course. It also means you won’t have to bring extra money and you’ll get the best exchange rate. Full equipment packs start from €780, and partial packs from €450.

Our packages take into consideration what you need, not which brands we favour. We take into consideration your foot position, boot, body type, and ski ability to put together the package that’s right for you.

Find out more about our equipment packs in our Essential Equipment Guide

Yes, you definitely need a helmet! You can buy this before you arrive, or choose from a range available in the resort. This needs to be approved for ski and snowboard usage.

We’ll be able to adjust any equipment bought through our discounted partner programme for free. However, if you’ve brought your own equipment, you’ll be charged for adjustments at the standard shop rate. Our Canadian equipment partners may also charge a small additional fee depending on the level of customisation you need.