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Winter Sports Insurance

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment and focus on choosing the exciting things like your destination and course of choice, don’t forget winter sports insurance. We want you to have fun and rip up the slopes like nobody’s business, but if you get injured and have to cancel your course early, insurance can protect your course and trip costs.

Our Discount Partner Programme gives you the best winter sports insurance out there with leading companies that we trust. Choose between World Nomads, ERV Winter Sports, MPI Brokers, and Trailfinders Insurance to find the best policy to suit your needs.

Basecamp isn’t able to recommend specific insurance policies. It is your responsibility to ensure you are covered with the best policy for what you’ll be getting up to.

MPI Brokers

MPI Brokers is a leading winter sports insurance provider, on or off-piste. You can get covered from 3 days to 12 months whether you’re a skier or snowboarder.

“We understand the implications of skiing off-piste (intentionally or unwittingly) and therefore do not exclude off-piste skiing. More details about this can be found in our policy wording.

We also appreciate certain actions cannot really be avoided, such as leaving your skis/boards outside a mountain restaurant, or sneaking through a snowpark for a quick jump. Therefore there are no exclusions regarding snowparks or loss of skis up a mountain.”

Key policy features

  • Single trip, seasonaire, annual multi trip, and long stay options
  • A choice of three packages
  • COVID-19 cover available
  • Emergency medical expenses up to £5 million
  • 24-hour emergency medical assistance incl. repatriation
  • 24 hour claims line
  • Mountain rescue (including by helicopter)
  • Local ski racing (including inferno, junior training, and masters)
  • Off-piste skiing or snowboarding (with or without a guide)
  • Snowpark cover
  • Skis left outside a mountain restaurant
  • Personal liability (including voluntary ski hosting)
  • Working cover under seasonaire and long stay policies
  • Ski cover cards to carry with you

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Battleface Insurance

A standard travelling insurance policy isn’t suitable for the modern globetrotter. Today, tailored policies covering adventurous activities are what a lot of us are looking for. Battleface is a great winter sports insurance provider for the contemporary wanderlust.

For underserved travellers everywhere
Battleface is striving to provide insurance to all corners of the world, which is why it has partnered with other companies to offer policies in underserved markets.

Bespoke plans
Something in a policy that you don’t need? Then you don’t have to pay for it. You can strip your policies down to the bare essentials and add need-based plans that fits you, where you’re going, and what you’re doing.

Do you cover for COVID-19?
Yes, medical expenses are covered as a result of COVID-19, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy, if it was purchased from July 17th, 2020 if you’re aged 59 or under.

Are visits to areas the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against travel covered?
Yes, policies offer full benefits up to the policy limits, including destinations the FCO has advised against travelling to.

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Trailfinders Travel Insurance

  • Up to £10 million medical expenses and repatriation (with 365/24/7 emergency assistance), including COVID-19 cover
  • Up to £5,000pp cancellation cover, with option to extend up to £20,000pp, including COVID-19 cover
  • Extensive COVID-19 cover (including cancellation before travel, if your trip is cut short, quarantined cover before and during travel if instructed to isolate, and medical expenses)
  • 21-day no-quibble cooling off period
  • All children up to 21 years* are included free of charge
  • Wide range of adventurous activities included at no additional charge
  • Easy to understand and simple to book
  • Sympathetic and personal approach to the handling of claims

Please make sure that your cancellation/curtailment winter sports insurance cover is appropriate for your course fees. If it isn’t, you can top it up.

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* Children aged 19–21 must be in full time education.

ERV/ERGO Winter Sports

Getting covered with EV/ERGO is easy. Just follow these three easy steps:

1) Select base cover: Red or Black cover for both Single Trip or Annual Multi Trip policies. With Black, you can increase your cancellation cover to your course fees.

2) Select product level: Rookie, Adventurer, or Pro. Both Red and Black base covers protect you with the Rookie level. You can also upgrade to Adventure or Pro if you think it would be the most appropriate choice.

  • Rookie level: ideal for those planning on cruising the groomers and perfecting those carved turns.
  • Adventurer level: ideal for off-piste skiing (we understand that off-piste skiing is the epitome of adventure for most snow sports enthusiasts).
  • Pro level: ideal for the experienced skiers who are planning on tearing up the back country solo. Our pro level winter sports insurance covers back country touring, heli-skiing, cat skiing, and now park and pipe.

3) Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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World Nomads

Heading for fresh white snow on the slopes this winter? Then specialist winter sports insurance is essential.

Basecamp has partnered up with World Nomads Travel Insurance to offer you a tailored Explorer Policy for peace of mind on your out of world experience. Protect yourself with specialist ski cover during your ski season if you get injured or need to end your course early.

Austrian Alpine Club (UK)

Members insurance

As well as travel insurance, it is a smart idea to join the Austrian Alpine Club (Österreichischer Alpenverein) to experience additional benefits.

The Austrian Alpine Club provides winter sports insurance cover for those needing rescue services from an accident. These policies cover repatriation, transfer, and medical treatment costs worldwide – not just Austria. It is worth noting that third-party insurance and criminal law legal protection insurance are restricted to Europe (see AWS document for Europe definition). Austrian Alpine Club insurance provider is Generali Versicherung AG.

This is members insurance, not travel insurance. Discover whether you need to take out additional insurance with the AWS document.

Sums insured

  1. Rescue Costs (in one’s country of main place of residence and abroad) up to €25,000, per person and claim. Year-round, worldwide, during leisure time.
  2. Repatriation (without cost limitation) and medical treatment costs abroad (up to €10,000 per person and claim).
  3. European third-party liability insurance up to €3,000,000, year-round. Europe-wide.
  4. European criminal law legal protection insurance up to €35,000, year-round. Europe-wide.
  5. European damage compensation legal protection for damage compensation claims after accidents involving personal injury to max. €500 per insured event.

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During the uncertain times that COVID-19 brings, offers flexible winter sports insurance policies.

  • Cover included for COVID-19.
  • Now includes cover for travel where FCO advises against all but essential travel as a result of COVID-19 for European Single Trip policies.
  • Award-winning customer service and flexible cover options

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