New Year resolutions for skiers and boarders

Why not make some resolutions you don’t want to break.


It’s never too late to write down your New Year’s Resolutions.

When we were thinking about what we should resolve to do in 2020 we wanted a list that was hard to want to break. Meaning no faddy diets or fitness regimes just pure fun and ski geekery.

1. Have a ski lesson


Hang on – A ski course provider suggesting they should take a ski lesson? That’s right. For us, skiing and boarding are about pushing our own boundaries.

One of the best ways to get better is to be humble, don’t assume you are the best and take some time to listen to a pro. Even our top guys know the only way to get better is to take a lesson.

2. Try a new mountain sport.


Many of us are dual disciplined in skiing and snowboarding but always with a natural bias but there is always space for a new passion. So this year we are going to take on new winter sport.

This winter the goal is to strap on a pair of cross-country skis and explore the Nordic routes that you find in most resorts.

3. Ride more


It’s not that we don’t ride enough we just think that out of respect for people who don’t live in the mountains we should just ski a little bit more and really make the most of the best home in the world.

4. Introduce a friend to the mountain life


We all like a friend to ride with, chat on a chairlift with or compliment us on our style and we could always do with a few more. Therefore this year we are going to introduce a snow virgin to the pleasure of skiing or snowboarding.

You can also see this as an act of altruism. By bringing new blood into the scene you are ensuring the future of a sport that has an ageing participation.

5. Eat more snow


The last few year the powder days in the European Alps have been limited, to say the least. This year the snow god hasn’t stopped spewing.

The long-term forecast suggests that the snow will keep falling and we are going to be prepared to get out in the deep stuff and ride hard. Sticks are waxed and fitness levels are high, bring on the powder.

6. Learn to service your skis

This is the year we go full ski geek and get involved in servicing our own kit. Files, irons, scrapers and wax have all be delivered by the man in the red suit.

It won’t be any half-hearted attempt either. Following on from NY resolution number 1 we are going to get a lesson in the art of servicing and practice, (on other peoples kit).

7. Ride a new destination

niamh niseko 5
Where you choose to ski can be part of the adventure. This year we are going to use the snow as an excuse to travel more and experience some new culture.

In search of new experiences we moved our whole European operation to Les 2 Alpes for the winter.