Banff Snowboard Instructor Internship
22 Weeks


22 weeks
FROM £9,595

Basecamp delivers world class instructor courses around the World and together with our partners in Banff and Lake Louise we are proud to offer our Banff Snowboard Internship.

This course has it all – opportunities to learn and work in the snowboard instructor industry in one of the best ski areas on the planet! If you are looking for a winter season in Canada, look no further than this amazing 22 week internship training program, aimed at those students looking to work as a snowboard instructor in Canada’s Best Ski Resort. Our 22wk Internship differs to most in Canada, in that it includes level 2 coaching and full season accommodation as standard.

If you’re a true powder hound looking to get qualified as a snowboard instructor and go straight into work in the same season, our full-season package is perfect for you! You will train towards the CSIA Level 1 certification in the first four weeks of your arrival in Banff and after successful completion of the exam, you will begin to live the dream of becoming a fully fledged Lake Louise Snowboard Instructor for the entire winter season!

On your days off you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, be it on the mountain or in the 3 world class resorts which make up Banff; Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Mt Norquay. You can also enjoy the fantastic night life and extra activities such as snowmobile tours, dog sledding, zip lining, heli or cat skiing, ice hockey games and wildlife tours to name a few.

Spaces are extremely limited for this program and each participant must complete an interview process in order to be accepted into the Banff Internship and access our top quality ski instructor coaching program at Lake Louise. Contact the Basecamp team today to find out more.

Nov 11, 2024 - Apr 12, 2025
Price: £9,995.00

Course timeline

Here’s a guide to your course, broken down by key weeks in the calendar.

  • Week 1-3

    Week 1-3

    You'll arrive at Calgary airport, where you'll be met by our team. Once you've been transported to our Banff accommodation and you've dropped your baggage off, you'll get a tour of the stunning town. Now the training begins! You'll have three weeks of intensive training to get you ready for your CASI Level 1 exam.

  • Week 4

    Week 4

    In your third week, you’ll take your CASI exam. You’ll be pleased to hear that we almost always have a 100% pass rate – but of course, this comes down to your hard work and dedication. Once you’ve passed this, you’re ready to be an instructor!

  • Week 5–16

    Week 5–16

    Put your skills into practice. You'll be teaching guests at the Lake Louise Ski School! You’ll also have access to internal training to get you up to speed, and you’ll work up to 40 hours a week as a paid instructor.

    You will work towards your Level 2 qualification through additional training. What’s more, you can even train yourself up as a dual instructor to make yourself a highly employable double threat!

  • Week 17

    Week 17

    If you wish, you can sit your Level 2 exam – and thanks to your employment at the Lake Louise Ski School, you’ll get this at the discounted staff price.

  • Week 18-22

    Week 18-22

    You’ll enter your final few weeks much quicker than you expect, having had the experience of a lifetime. By this point, you should have achieved your Level 2 qualification, and you can hone your freestyling and avalanche safety skills. And, if you've done a good job, at this point you can secure your spot in the ski school for the following season!

The essential details

We pride ourselves on being one of the top instructor course providers in Banff. We have an amazing relationship with the Lake Louise Ski School, who employ a number of our students every year. The course begins with instructor training and your Level 1 exam in November. Successful candidates who pass their Level 1 start work straight away for the Lake Louise Ski School for the rest of the season.

This course is exclusive and always in very high demand, so you need to snap up a spot quickly. You’ll get accommodation for the whole season so that you can take advantage of everything Banff has to offer, too!

What's Included

Level 1 Coaching
CASI Level 1 exam
Level 2 Coaching
CASI Level 2 exam (optional)
Training From Top L4 Instructors in Canada
22 Wks Self-Catered Accommodation in Banff
Lake Louise Full Season Lift Pass
Full Season Contract From Lake Louise Ski Resort (*t&c's)
Lake Louise Ski School Uniform
Basic Snow School Operation Training
HD Video Analysis
Exclusive Basecamp Discounts
Basecamp Rep Available 24/7
Teaching Skills Training in the CSIA Methodology
CSIA Theory Lessons And Seminars

Available qualifications

CASI Level 1 – included
CASI Level 2 – optional
Freestyle L1 - optional
AST L1 (avalanche course) - optional
First Aid Course - optional
CASI L1 Snowboard - optional

The Job

Once you’ve completed your level 1 qualification, you’ll be contracted with the Lake Louise Ski School between December and April. The starting wage is a fantastic $15 an hour – and that’s without considering tips and bonuses!

You can work up to 40 hours a week, depending on availability, so you’ll never be overworked. This leaves plenty of downtime for you to explore Banff and have the time of your life!

During this time, you’ll also have time rostered into your working week for high quality level 2 coaching to work towards your CSIA 2 qualification, you can take this when you feel ready or when your coaches tell you it’s time.

What you'll need

Qualify for a Canadian working holiday visa (IEC)
Or, be a Canada or US Citizen
Be a strong, intermediate snowboarder
Enjoy a passion for outdoor sports
Be, athletic, outgoing and fun
Customer service experience advantageous
Have good communication skills
Have a good work ethic

How to apply

Step 1 – Complete your online booking form and pay your course deposit. This secures your place amongst other hopeful internship candidates. This does not guarantee your place on the internship yet, but rather the deposit secures you in our pool of candidates that will go for final interviews.

We will review your details to make sure you meet all the requirements and we can get a feel for your goals for the season.

Step 2 – Apply for your working holiday visa for Canada through IEC — if you already have an approved working visa you’re in a great position!

Step 3 – The official interview with Lake Louise will usually be held in July/August — actual date TBA. The interview will be a telephone / Skype interview.

Step 4 – If successful you will receive an official acceptance email inviting you to join the Banff Internship program.

Step 5 – Winter begins!


Of course! In fact, most of our attendees on this course are travelling alone. You’ll be surrounded by plenty of fellow solo travellers in your resort, and you’ll get introduced to everyone through your Resort Manager.

As an entry-level course, the Level 1 qualification isn’t considered difficult – in fact, we almost always achieve a 100% pass rate. You’ll not only be assessed on your performance, but also your teaching abilities. While the Level 2 course is a decent step up, you’ll get all the training you need to succeed. We generally have a 90%+ Level 2 pass rate.

You will need some level of skill to take this course, but you don’t need to be an expert. While you should be able to do both backside and frontside turns on a variety of pistes, we do understand that tough conditions will impact your technique and slow you down. You should have experience in simple off-piste work, and we find that about 3–4 weeks’ experience is enough to prepare you for this course, as well as a great attitude!

If you’re looking to qualify as a Level 2 instructor and go straight into instructing others, this is definitely the course for you! You’re guaranteed a job as soon as you pass your Level 1, and you can go straight into earning your Level 2, all while teaching others.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office regularly updates its advice. Find out about passport and visa information, security, and local laws on its travel advice page.

You’ll be pleased to hear that our accommodation is just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the town! You’ll have easy access to everything the town has on offer, from the bars and restaurants to the shops, so you can experience the local culture. You’ll be able to experience the time of your life in your self-catered apartment with your fellow apprentices – an unbelievable seasonnaire experience!

Because this is a prestigious course that guarantees a season-long job, we have limited spaces. There are eight snowboarder spaces and sixteen ski spaces.

You’ll need to bring your own kit, including warm clothing and your own boots and snowboard. If you need any advice on which items to purchase, get in touch with us on [email protected].

You can expect to earn a starting wage of $15 an hour, and that’s not counting tips and bonuses. You’ll work up to 40 hours a week, with hours varying based on demand.

The Lake Louise Ski School, your place of employment, offers regular staff training sessions. Plus, you’ll be able to take part in the first track sessions before you start work each morning. This will give you the opportunity to train alongside your fellow instructors. You’ll also naturally learn from our most experienced snowboard instructors, so you’re sure to hone your skills quickly!