What snowboard qualifications are available in Canada?

There are two main levels of qualification in Canada. You’ll receive an intro to snowboard teaching and the role it plays in the snowboard industry in the CASI Level 1. You’ll learn basic snowboarding techniques, beginner teaching methods, and improve your lesson planning and communication skills. Once you’ve completed the CASI Level 1, you’ll be certified to teach beginner snowboarders up to the novice turn level.

Once you’ve completed the CASI Level 1, which is required for the next stage, you can take your CASI Level 2 course. This is perfect if you want to move up and teach snowboarders who are more experience. It’s recommended that you teach in a snow school before taking this course, with a recommendation of 45 hours of existing teaching experience. While this is not required, it’s sure to set you up for success in this more advanced qualification. Once qualified, you can teach intermediate snowboarders in both skills and terrain.