What ski qualifications are available in Canada?

There are two main levels of qualification in Canada. You’ll receive an intro to ski teaching and the role it plays in the industry in your CSIA Level 1 course, as well as learning about the CSIA-recognised technique and methodology. You’ll get a rounded educational experience that will give you practical hands-on learning with the addition of teaching guest service skills and specialist children’s skiing instruction.

Once you’ve passed your Level 1 course, you’ll be able to complete your CSIA Level 2 instructor qualification. You’ll be an advanced skier by this point and you’ll improve your situational teaching skills, as well as improving your techniques and methodology. You’ll again get access to practical on-piste training and more academic education that will improve your customer service skills.

If you’re successful on your courses, you’ll be certified to teach skiers up to intermediate parallel skill level. With a comprehensive learning experience and coaching for long-term development, we’re setting you up for success on these courses.