You have to love sunshine, snow and great people…

Hi All,

Following on from the Basecamp Val d'isere lifetsyle video, I have put together another blog summing up our last 10 days in the mountains. We are having one incredible time, the conditions have been amazing, and it's even starting to warm up and you can really notice the later sunsets. We are in the middle of French half term at the moment, which seems to be even busier than the English one, however if you know where to go, long lines at the lifts can be avoided. I am currently sitting the the local bar The Fall Line, a place which Basecampers are made to feel extremely welcome. It's run by a bunch of English seasonaires and has the cheapest beers in town. 

The guys are shredding on their skis and snowboards, as you will be able to tell from the video. I am very impressed with some of the skills in the park and everyone is improving hugely. We had some fresh snow the other day which provided us with some awesome conditions, lots of new snow, bright sunshine and some incredible powder. 

The BASI guys are now gearing up for their level 2 which starts on 5th March. It's going to be a tough couple of weeks, but I am very confident in everyones ability and touch wood we will have lots of happy faces come 16th March. 

The other night we went over to Tignes for some bowling, which was great fun. Steve Roberts took gold with an impressive score of 130, smashing everyone else out of the lanes, good work mate. Tonight we are heading to Dudune, a huge club in Val d'Isere to see world famous Pete Tong, a radio 1 DJ, so it should be a fantastic night. Tickets are usually 30 euros, but with Basecamp we get a casual 50% off, a great saving for such a god DJ. 

Time seems to be going by quicker each week and Val d'Isere now really feels like home. It's such an amazing place to be, there is everything you could ever wish for. Amazing, skiing, it's got to be the best skiing I have ever expeirienced, I have been here since to 28th Decemeber and still haven't skied every run. With the off piste, I don't think it would be possible to cover the amount there is here in 2-3 seasons, it's no wonder why so many people come back here year after year. I certainly have the seasonaire bug now and have found a place which makes each day so memorable. Everyone shares this feeling and it's so awesome to see 33 constantly stoked people. 

Do enjoy the video and pictures and until next time…