Work hard play hard

Work hard play hard

Of course the primary draw for most joining us in Morzine is to become a BASI qualified ski instructor and greatly improve their technical all mountain ski ability as part of a new career or a gap year, but everyone needs downtime and ways in which to kick back and enjoy life in the mountains whilst not on skis. So alongside the world class training that everyone receives, we also aim to ensure that there are regular social activities each week to connect the group, allow everyone to de-stress, grow friendships and make the most out of their time in the area. This can be in the form of nights out, group meals, local dj sets, burger making evenings, pizza parties and some larger activities that take place on and off the snow such as heliskiing, snowmobiling and ski touring to name just a few.

Having all passed their BASI Level 1 exam it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate with something special and a little different…Night sledging was here!

Taking the gondola up the mountain after the skiing was over with sledges and head torches we were blessed with the most amazing sunset and breath-taking views.

After soaking in the view and watched the sun finally set we set off down the hill.

Needless to say sliding down a mountain in the dark (with head torches) and many easily excitable guys and girls there were a few a tumbles on the way down which made it all the more enjoyable and amusing for everyone…including myself. 🙂

Shortly after we made it to the bottom, some wetter and colder than others due to more body sliding/tumbling than sledging it was time to cheer on the local ice hockey team at one of their home matches. Morzine has a really well supported and very successful ice hockey team so getting to see them play live is always an amazing experience.

With one home game left for the season there will be a lot of support coming from the Basecamp team!

Good luck Pingouins de Morzine-Avoriaz!!