Any Bond worth his licence to kill went on a ski trip and that includes George Lazenby. But Sir Roger  Moore hit the slopes three times during his employment as 007 more than any other Bond. Making him the ultimate Alpine Bond.

The Spy Who Loved Me

His first ski trip was in The Spy Who Loved Me which is memorable for the bright yellow ski suit than Moores skiing. The skiing technique is undoubtedly 70’s with some great aerobatics and unnecessary tucking.

Halfway through Bond reveals his secret weapon a ski pole that is a rifle, which is second on many peoples list after a shot of Genpie hidden in the handle. This Bond movie is also notable for introducing BASE jumping long before the sport was popular.

For Your Eyes Only

Sir Rogers second ski trip was in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only  which was filmed Cortina d’Ampezzo and was an Olympic games of a set piece. It starts how you wish Channel 4’s the jump was actual broadcast, with a gun trained on the celebrity and a kidney jab mid launch.

Bond is then chased buy motor bikes through a busy ski resort, only this time Bond forgets to pack the the ski pole rifle, maybe he picked up the Martini handle instead? The chase continues down a bobsled run and ends with James skiing off unharmed in a ski outfit he borrowed from your dad.

A View To A Kill

Roger was also the first Bond to try his hand at snowboarding, thus confirming his status as all mountain Bond. His adventure in A View To A Kill  starts while on a mission in Siberia in a very fetching white all-in-one.

The chase starts on skies and demonstrates why glacier skiing is so dangerous. Bond then commanders a skidoo, which is subsequently blown up and the debris, in the form of the front skid, becomes an improvised snowboard.

Roger then puts his Beats headphones on, cranks up the Beach Boys and rides the mountain home to his ski-in ski-out arctic sub moored off the coast.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that Roger Moore is the ultimate skiing Bond then just have a look at the ski scene from The World Is Not Enough where Piers Brosnan skis like a man on snowblades.