Whistler 2011 Week 9

Tues 11 Jan

The coaches have been pushing all the skiers and boarders boundaries already, much to the enjoyment of everyone …they have been working the bumps, going down steeps and shredding the trees. Some are feeling the pain already, however fitness levels will rise pretty quickly now!

Tuning Clinic

The boys at Summit Sports welcomed us into their store this evening and gave us a quick overview of what they do… Adam did a great Tuning Clinic for the campers, going over the upkeep of equipment, looking at waxing and edging for ski’s and boards and the best methods to use at home … Sydney got up to have a go with the waxing iron and Adam got his scrape on! There will be no passing them on the cat tracks now!

Tuning Clinic

Ant gives it a go…


Spaghetti Factory

The Tuning Clinic worked up an appetite and we all piled into the Spaghetti Factory to fill our bellies. We got a great package deal for us all and the Fresh Bread with the Garlic Butter was a firm favourite with everyone…after polishing all the pasta off, wiping our chins down we rolled out of there… time for some beer! The Crystal Lounge was the closest bar :-) ….then Citta’s and then they can’t remember where they ended up….probably Tommy Africa’s at a guess ….

SNOWED – In Comedy Tour

Some of us ventured instead to have a few belly laughs after dinner at the GLC with Comedians Phil Nichol, Dan Quinn, Craig Campbell and Phil Myrehaug..and we weren’t disappointed!

Wed 12 Jan

Wouldn’t you believe it – another awesome powder day in Whistler with another 24cm’s overnight!

First Aid Course

Emergency First Aid was on the cards today, sorry guys, the powder will have to wait until tomorrow :)

A few tired and hungover heads dragged themselves into the course this morning. Everyone got quite excited when ‘Annie’ came out and they had to do their CPR demonstrations.  Adam, Lewis and Antony were going to do a New Zealand Rap in one of their demo’s to the group, but somehow it got lost in translation….

At the end of the day everyone passed and received their Emergency First Aid Certification which is valid for 3 years. Maybe CPR will be Adam’s new chat-up line?

Prior Factory

This is such a great tour,  a must when you come to Whistler. Most of the campers headed down to Function Junction tonight to check out the Factory. Chris walked us through the factory and talked us through the production process of their amazing hand-made Snowboards and Ski’s, detailing the materials used and why. We were all given free demo cards to come back and try out their equipment for a day! Awesome! Carolyn, Chris, Lewis and Antony were all clearly paying attention during the tour and were rewarded with prizes of Prior T’Shirts and Toque’s when they were quick off the mark answering questions about the tour!


A quick quiet drink was in order after the tour for Adam, Lewis and Antony….which led to 3 pitches…and I’m guessing more…as I was heading out there was talk of going to Buffalo Bill’s….get your Cougar on boys!

Thur 13 Jan


Alison was being led astray by the boys, Antony, Adam, Lewis and Padraig I believe for  ‘just one beer’…famous last words I believe as they headed for the Longhorn…soon they were all changing venue and headed for the GLC ….

Music Bingo!

Hasn’t been on for awhile during the busy time over Xmas and New Year, but it’s back again! The Amsterdam was the host tonight and us Basecampers were there with bells on! Mike and Rachel were in fine form last night and actually cleaned up the first 3 Bingo’s…winning bottles of wine and beer, because they clearly needed more!  I was the lucky winner of the Trivia question, how I knew the answer is a total mystery..but I gladly took the large shot of Whisky…Tyson and Hugo also won prizes … and then…the prize of the sort after Canucks Jersey…there was no Bingo involved for this prize…Hugo was the first to lose (almost) all his clothes and run around the village square in his boxes to obtain the Blue Jersey! Nice work!…The night carried on to The Village Bar (new club open) and then Tommy’s although memories are  a bit fuzzy at this point…

Music Bingo winners!!


Fri 14 Jan

A great day on hill for everyone, judging by the amazing smiles plastered across faces as the stories of the day and the first week were bandied around…  Plenty of moguls, tree runs, steeps, powder and even a little park this week! Adam’s story was especially good…he was found to be ‘experimenting’ showing off some skills on a Double Black Diamond Cat Track when his pole got in the way and smashed straight through his goggles! That’s extreme skiing for you! :-)  The end of week video showed everyone enjoying the amazing powder we have been blessed with this week!


Friday night was time to relax and the Blueberry and Snowgoose Houses had pre-drinks to warm themselves up for a night out.  A quick stop at Citta’s to meet up with everyone and then on to Moe Joe’s to check out the clubbing…everyone was seen to be carving up the dancefloor and the intermingling of programs was well under way!

Sat 15 Jan

Well deserved day off today for most!

Henry and Oli built a kicker out the back of the chalet to play around on today…Henry has been performing to the crowd that gathered as he was continuously doing flips!

Deep Winter Challenge

6 Pro Photographers  were asked to compete and present their work tonight at the Fairmont.. they had 3 days to shoot in bounds on Whistler and Blackcomb and edit a 3-5 min slideshow to music. Blake Jorgensen was the clear winner with Robin O’Neill coming 2nd place.

Sun 16 Jan

Bye Bye Andrew Howie, it’s been great having you stay with us in Whistler! Happy travels!

Tues 18 Jan

Injury Prevention Clinic

We headed down to Creekside to have a talk about Injury Prevention, something all of us are hoping to achieve but don’t really know what we should be doing to prevent it…after the talk we all realized that exercise is an important factor for prevention…however I’m not sure where some people are going to fit it in with their busy drinking schedule…