Whistler 2011 Week 5

Wed 8 Dec

Basecampers had a day off hill training today, some ventured down to Squamish to get their Sin #’s in preparation for working once their course has finished in a week and a half. The draw to Tim Horton’s was huge and from all reports they seemed to find themselves in there 3 times before they could make it back to Whistler with Double Doubles and Tim Bits in hand….yum yum! Richard was putting his on hill training into practice however by teaching his girlfriend Jo to Ski…they both survived the lesson and came out smiling, Jo will be whizzing down the hill in no time by herself!

Tuning Clinic @ Summit

The lovely boys at Summit welcomed us into their huge store at the Hilton and gave a quick tour…it defo is a great one stop shop and they supply everything there that you could possibly need. We headed for the Tuning Shop where we spent an hour with Kevin, who gave us a great in-depth demo teaching the Campers how to tune their own Board’s and Ski’s…very useful to know to get the best performance out of your equipment and zoom past everyone else on those cat tracks.

Thurs 9 Dec

17cm’s overnight only means one thing…playtime on the mountain!

..this is in the Village…imagine on the Peak!!


Music Bingo was back on again at Brandy’s this time and we just couldn’t keep away after our winning streak last week… and guess what our luck was still with us! Neil, Aaron and Josh all won $15 gift cards for the Keg and Mike & Tommo won Jaeger Bombs for their trivia answers. BINGO!

Fri 10 Dec

Been a busy week for all the IC campers, they have been working hard on teaching skills and drills in preparation for the Level 1 course next week, all seem to be progressing well and have improved immensely with their skiing and boarding.

Good news… 3 of our campers, Mike, Amy & Richard, have their work permits and have been invited for interviews with WB Ski School on Sunday afternoon…good luck guys!


Tonight we had a BBQ @ the Nicklaus North house as there have been a lot of new Basecampers arrive in resort this week. It was a good chance for everyone to get to know each other and swap numbers.  The night progressed into drinking games with Jo and Richard coming out the worse for wear. Mike also didn’t have a clue what was happening so just drank at every given opportunity. Standard!

BBQ @ Nick North

..nothing like a few drinks games to get to know each other better!


Sat 11 Dec

Day off today for all on hill training for the campers…so it was time to nurse some hangovers…all I have to say is I don’t want to know what happened in the lift…Mike!

Christmas Tree Hunt!

The excitement has been brewing for this day to come…the day when guys & girls can don a chequered flannel shirt and channel their inner lumberjack to come forward…and chop down the perfect Christmas Tree. We woke up early to get the Blueberry house underway, Mike, Amy & Neil were the only ones that were very excited about finding a tree and got up. Neil however really just wanted to use an axe and started aiming it at any random pieces of wood lying around…he was in lumberjack heaven. The group split up and stomped through knee deep snow in search of a tree for their house and as it happens 2 trees were found…so it was a tree-off…Amy & Neil’s tree had good coverage and was a Douglas Fir, Mike went for more of a challenge and chose a Spruce with a Double Prong…a decision was made that both trees should go into the house (that should be interesting).

..it's a Xmas Tree off…

..Richard in search of his Xmas Tree

Nick North crew with their mahoosive tree strapped to 'Dave'


Later that day Richard came along  (minus Jo – still suffering from last night) with Glen and Loz to get the trees for their houses…This time we were after 3 trees, the excitement was building as we kept finding trees that were better than the last one we had seen…clearly we had to do a retake on what we were looking at as the 21ft tree would not fit into the space in the house…Richard opted for a Charlie Brown tree, Loz found a massive Douglas Fir that just barely fits into the house and Glen found a good 5 ft tree for his household.

The most excited of the houses was Nicklaus North however, with Stuart, Tom, Ben, Cassie, James, Brendon & Andrew eager to get their chop on….so we all piled into Dave…some people know each other a lot better now from that trip…and drove up the snowy logging track under the power lines.  Tramping through the snow up the hill the group spread out slightly to inspect the surrounding trees, a lovely Douglas Fir was found and everyone agreed that it was the perfect tree for them…Stuart took the first swing of the axe starting the  chopdown….then everyone had a turn at wielding the axe … it’s not as easy as it looks!  We got the tree strapped on and after some pushing of Dave out of the snow we were on our way headed back to Nicklaus North with the humongous tree! Strapped on top and some pretty happy campers to boot!

Bungee Jumping

Mike does bungee in Onesey…hungover….browny points for not hurling! Did he scream like a girl??
Mike does Bungee

…and there he goessssss….


Sun 12 Dec

22cm’s overnight spoilt by rain and more rain….made it a hard heavy going day up the hill. But still enjoyable all the same! Never a bad day on the hill really :-)

Stuart started in with the Performance Camp today and had a great first day, he was seen walking merrily into Apres at The Chophouse with Dave having had a cheeky few before meeting up with everyone else :-)

Interviews with WB went well today for Mike, Amy & Richard – they were all told if they pass their Level 1’s they will all have jobs! No pressure guys!! That is great – go get it!

Mon 13 Dec

1st day of Level 1 Course started today for skiers, they said they all had a great day and thought they were doing okay…keep it up! 3 more days to go!

Tue 14 Dec

1st day of Level 1 Course today for Snowboarders…they had a great day today too…all going well.

Wed 15 Dec

Sydney arrived today from France all very excited to be here and well impressed with the accommodation provided, he says he is living like a King now! Awesome!