Whistler 2011 Week 4

Wed 1st Dec

Great day on hill today for everyone.

Tom & Alex, new accommodation peeps in the Nic North property, decided to go on a late night walk in the backyard, which is actually the golf course and found themselves disappearing in bunkers of snow! Get the snorkel out!

Thur 2 Dec

Music Bingo

Amsterdam was the host of tonight’s Music Bingo…I have to say we had pretty good odds of winning as we took over most of the tables…and yes we did clean up winning 5 of the 6 prizes! Jillian, Michael, Aaron all won $25 vouchers for Evolution, Neil won some bottles of Chocolate Beer from Granville Island Brewing and Amy won a traditional Canadian dinner for 2…. Kraft dinner, boiled sausages and tinned salmon…yum yum….

After we collected our loot, Amy, Neil, Aaron, Mike and Mike ventured down to the Mountain Club to do some cocktail sampling. While Jillian and I quickly went to Cinnamon Bear to meet some others and ended up with a lovely plate of poutine at the end of the night, nothing like some cheese curd to soak up the beer.

Fri 3 Dec

Peak Chair opened today with many powder stashes to be found and the boarding group was the first up on the Peak Chair when it opened, so they were super stoked!

Moe Joes was on the cards again for tonight and it wasn’t long before the shots were lining up on the bar. Needless to say there were a few peeps didn’t find their way back to their own beds tonight! ;-)

Sat 4 Dec

Harmony and Crystal Chair opened today, we are getting access to more of our fantastic playground!

Sun 5 Dec

Apres at the Chophouse today for beginning of 3rd week training and the all important manuals were handed out in the lead up to the Level 1’s. Now we are getting down to business.

A few of us decided to head out for a nice meal tonight and take advantage of the great dinner specials they have at the beginning of season. 10 of us headed to the Rim Rock Café and were spoilt with a wonderful meal…now it’s back to reality and pot noodles for some!!

Mon 6 Dec

80’s night

One of the best nights to be had in Whistler at Tommy Africa’s! It was Neil’s 21st AGAIN… and we all ventured off in our fancy dress outfits. Neil had a great mullet wig for the event, Mike was wearing his fantastic Onesey he picked up from the re-use it centre, Amy was decked out with all her 80’s accessories she had managed to find over the past week and Pei was styling 80’s spirit. The drinks were definitely flowing fast and furious and some pretty fancy footwork was happening on the dancefloor and podium! Let’s just say there was a lot of 80’s loving on that dancefloor and at the bar.

..Good times at 80's night!


Tue 7 Dec

Injury Prevention Clinic

We ventured down to Creekside once again to the Whistler Athletic Club where we were given a talk on Injury Prevention, something that all of us try to achieve especially if we are here for the season. They talked to us about how to reduce the risk of injury and gave some exercises that can be done at home to help strengthen muscles and improve responses.