Whistler 2011 Week 1

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hurs 18 Nov

Nov 4 Week Instructor Course

November Instructor Course up and running!

All the Skiers on our Nov Instructor Course were early arrivals so they had time to have an extensive talk with our coach Wayne Deane today,  he gave them great advise on the right equipment needed for the course and what they should be looking for when shopping around for the best deals in town. Wayne even went along with Mike to a few stores to help him select the right Ski’s for him.

Amy, Richard and Mike, @ GLC


The last of the Nov campers arrived in resort tonight and are now settling in to their accommodations.  They have a few days to settle in, orientate themselves and get their ski/board legs back before the course starts on Monday!  The campers have their passes and are itching to get up on the hill tomorrow!

Fri 19 Nov

Whistler Blackcomb Opens Early!

Opening Day rocked!

Awesome first day on hill, great snow and fun times, you couldn’t wipe the smiles of our faces….a fantastic sample that the best is yet to come!  Last season was amazing here in Whistler with so much powder it was insane and this year with the La Nina weather system it’s going to be off the chart!  Thank you Whistler Blackcomb for opening our wonderful playground 6 days early! Dusty’s also reopened today which brought even more smiles to the Creekside possie…we went down there to have a celebratory drink with them and check out the Creekside action! Not only have the Campers been getting their ski legs back today but also their drinking legs too!

Sat 20 Nov

Today was an open day to do as we all pleased….Amy raced up the hill for a few runs bright and early, Michael nursed his hangover in bed for most of the day, Stuart went to the movies while Richard went searching out new equipment…in the evening Basecamper’s piled into the Blueberry Property to chillout with a Pizza & Beer night and take in the Canucks match to get into the Canadian way! It was a great time for everyone to get to know each other and relax. Sadly for the Canucks it was a gong show of a match.

Sun 21 Nov

Another chilly day on hill but it is great to be up there even if only for a few runs. The campers managed to get up and rip around for a bit before going down to meet the Coaches and find out what was instore for them over the next 4 weeks. They were full of great advice to help the campers get the most out of their course and make sure they have a wonderful experience and more importantly achieve their level 1 First day training on hill tomorrow and everyone is very excited!

Music Bingo Rocks!

Our previous success at Music Bingo made us all big fans, so we all made our way to Roland’s down in Creekside tonight to have another go and see if our winning streak was still with us! Neil was the only person to win in our crew this time around…I have a feeling it was due to our level (and placement) of commitment…I think the commitment was more in the drinking and eating this time around more so than the winning, but we all came away 

Mon 22 Nov

First Day On Hill Training 4 Week Instructor Course

Early start for everyone today with a -34 wind chill factor on hill, Welcome to Whistler! At least those temperatures won’t last and the Arctic front will have passed in a few days bringing us more snow! Yay! First day on hill for the Instructor Course campers, everyone had a great day, they met up with the Coaches who did an orientation on hill pointing out meeting spots and generally seeing how everyone Skied and Boarded. Apres at Dusty’s was a welcome relief from the cold at the end of the day… numerous jugs of beer flowed and nachos were consumed along with some great banter and stories of first day tumbles! Early night for everyone’s exhausted bones!