Whistler 2011 The New year

Mon 3 Jan

Carey Colbert arrives early for the course from Hawaii so she can get used to the cold weather no doubt! Welcome!!

Tues 4 Jan

Big welcome to Padraig who has arrived early for the course too! We are getting a great crew together here in Whistler!

Wed 5 Jan

Accommodation new arrivals today are Cassie and James who are with us for a short stay in Nicklaus North – welcome to you both!

Thu 6 Jan

January 4 week and 11 week Instructor Course and Performance Camps – Arrivals

15cm overnight is a great welcome to the new Campers who are arriving today for the start of their 4 week and 11 week Instructor Courses and Performance Camps! Welcome to Henry, Oliver, James, Sarah, Alison, Hollie, Adam and Ryan.

Fri 7 Jan

First day …. Welcome and Equipment Talk…

Early morning wake up for the new arrivals, luckily RM had sausage sandwiches on hand to coax them out of bed for the busy day ahead. The campers from Blueberry and Nicklaus North all congregated at Snowgoose and after quick introductions we had the morning meeting and overview of the coming weeks.   One of the coaches turned up to meet the crew and give an Equipment talk and answer any questions regarding the Instructor Courses and Performance Camps.



Lift Passes…

We then went on mass into the Village, through the slushy snow (this is where most people decided they needed some waterproof shoes) to get the golden tickets…LIFT PASSES! Yay!! The GLC was the next port of call…this is where you will be spending a lot of your time :-) …we had a few drinks and lunch, it was a good time for everyone to do a bit of bonding…

GLC…first day getting to know each other



The crew were split up into 3 groups and sent on their way for the Photo Scavenger Hunt…they had 1.5 hours to collect all the photos along the way and meet back at the designated spot. Group One arrived last at the destination..I was nearly going to send out the search party when they arrived…apparently they got so into bonding they got stuck at another bar and forgot the time. We enlisted the help of a random ‘Joe’ in the bar at Merlin’s to judge the pictures and award points for creativity… The Potato Thieves came in first, with a massive lead due to their Muff Diving photo. Ryan, Alison, Sarah, Henry and Oliver all received first prize!



Boot Fitting…

Boot Fitting time, Ryan at Can Ski gave all the gang a talk about boots and why having the right fit is important, he also went over what happens if you have a wrong fit …giving everyone a better insight into the most important part of their equipment. For those that needed boots they got their fittings done, for those with boots they had them tweaked and made sure they were fitting them correctly…and there was a whole lot of pizza there to eat while everyone waited for their turn!  MMMMMmm.

Boot Fitting


After everyone was finished boot fitting we slowly drifted to The Fitzsimmons Pub, smallest bar in Whistler, for a few brewski’s after a long day….I had to leave to pick up Zak! However I hear that the drinking continued on with everyone ending up in the Crystal Lounge getting merry! Hollie had an interesting ending to the night after leaving the bar…not realizing how icy the stroll was when she walked out took a dive, luckily no serious damage was done…it’s icy out there so be careful!

A big welcome to Zak who’s arrived a day later than the other campers but just in time for all the fun!!

Sat 8 Jan

Rest day, hungover day, unpacking day or shredding day!!!

Sun 9 Jan

On hill training today – early start at 8.30am today.  Campers met the coaches and all went up the Gondola together…today was a day to all ski /board together so the coaches could see everyone’s abilities and also show them around the mountain pointing out meeting spots and other important places.


The Hairfarmers has now become a regular event for our Campers at the GLC now…Sydney is doing extremely well trying to understand 10 people talking quickly around a table…..Amy pretended to be me and went up for the Heli-Ski prize only to win a jug of beer which was consumed quickly!

Rockin out to the Hairfarmers @ The GLC


Mon 10 Jan

Snowgoose House – Henry has done an experiment with his T-shirt..totally wetting it and laying it out on the balcony…now it’s as stiff as cardboard.. Frozen Solid!