Whistler 2010 Week 1

Whistler 2010 Week 1.jpg
Before the start of the course there were a few people who arrived early for the course and luckily for them, the piste was open 12 days early. So Rhodri one of the early comers was more than ready for the start of the course. Everyone else arrived on the Friday evening, with the course beginning on the Monday. The weather was absolutely horrible at the start of the course! It was pouring down on the drive up from Vancouver. Everyone was completely shattered and so got a few hours of shut eye before running out for an introductory drinkathon! No one actually knows the time we all got in, but rest assured we had a superb night. As the weather cleared up we eventually got ourselves up on to the mountain to do some awesome skiing. The week that followed was really there to ensure everyone had their ski legs on and was ready for the intensity of the course. It was really just loads of skiing to prepare the trainees for their CASI level 1. A fantastic way to start!