Which Skis for the 2012/13 Season?


Knowing which skis to get before your season can be a difficult decision, especially with the amount on offer, endless brands, new technologies, all mountain, off piste, on piste, freestyle, how much, what's a good deal????? ARGH….

The options are endless. The idea of this blog is to give you some direction when thinking about buying a brand new set of planks. With this in mind, I will concentrate on which skis are most suitable for a Basecamp Instructor Course and will review a few different options.

Salomon 24 Hours

Suggested by the Basecamp Val d’Isere Head Ski Coach, Steve Rickets, the Salomon 24 Hours are hard to beat. Designed with endurance, high end performance, carving and medium radius turns in mind, Salomon are on to a winner. The 24 Hours will perform extremely well on piste and will allow users to venture off piste with the in built carve rocker and 119mm tip. This ski is perfect for a Basecamp Instructor Course and will allow you to ski hard over all areas of the mountain.

K2 Bolt

The brand new K2 Bolt utilizes the new ROX technology and has received top honors at this years ISPO in Munich, Germany. The Bolt combines speed rocker technology alongside special reinforments to allow it’s user the finest of high performance skiing on hard terrain with outstanding grip. The Bolt also skis short providing another great option for those on a Basecamp Instructor Course.

Dynastar Speed Cross Pro

An excellent ski for those looking to do what it says on the tin. The Dynastar Speed Cross Pro is designed for good quality skiers who enjoy making multiple turn shapes on piste. The ski has incredible grip on ice, making it very smooth a high speeds and super easy to ski at slow speeds. You will have no problem skiing short on the speed cross pro's and long carving turns will come naturally. Another great option for a Basecamp Instructor Course. Basecampers are able to get 30-40% discount on Dynastar Skis in Val d’Isere so just let us know if you would like some more information.


The new Rossingnol Zenith Z82 TI Basalt is deisgned for high end skiers seeking an all mountain top quality carving ski that can handle all areas of a mountain. Combined with sandwich construction, vertical sidewalls, wide waist and all mountain tip, the Zenith 82 Ti Basalt skis rail-to-rail on bullet proof and muscles through any terrain with no problem. A good ski for those Basecampers wanting a bit more performance all round the mountain.

Blizzard G-Force Sonic IQ

Blizzard are renowed for making high quality skis for any aspiring top end skier looking for speed, agility and performance. The G-Force Sonic is deisgned for those skiers who demand energy, response and egde grip. These three attributes are a big part of any Basecamp Instructor Course. They are currently on sale at Ellis Brigham for only £276 with Marker IQ TP 11 bindings, not a bad discount from their normal £460. Available in either a 160, 167 or 174, these are a great buy for the upcoming season.

Do check out the photos for more details of each ski mentioned.

Happy shopping.



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