Week 10 and going stronger than ever…

Wow, it's been a busy busy week in Val d'Isere, so much has been going on it's hard to know where to start… Well, BASI 2 would be a good place. The guys had a very full on action packed week last week as it was the first week of the level 2 exam. We had some nervous faces at the piste map last Monday, but having just got back from seeing the guys off this mroning, they all look focussed and ready to give it their all. The exams will finish on Friday afternoon and I am hoping, fingers crossed that everyone passes. The exam itself is a difficult one to pass. Each student is tested on their skiing ability over all areas of the mountain and they are also tested on their ability to teach anything from a basic to intermediate level. Having done the exam myself, I know what everyone is going through and I am very impressed with everyones progress, keep it up. 

Today is Jamie Gough's birthday and I think a little apres session at Le Chalet this afternoon and a few beers tonight is in order. Happy 19th mate and many happy returns. We are going to keep it mellow, and then let out some energy on Friday once everyone has finished their exams. We are off to the Winter X Games on Friday afternoon which is going to be awesome. Tignes is hosting the event and we have some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world competing, so it should be a fantastic evening. 

This weekend has been a nice chilled one, with mostly everyone going up for a ski, and for those that knew where to look, some great powder was found… The sun is shinning here in Val d'Isere and it's forecast to do so for the next week or so, and the snow is still really good. If anyone back home is thinking of popping over here for a little getaway, just let me know and I can help you organise everything.

I will be going up with the BASI guys this week, as well as the performance skiers to get some more photos and videos and aim to have another video up this week. Until then enjoy some photos of the last couple of days.