Val D'Isere Week 9

Val 2010 Week 9.jpg

The last week of bass instruction before the exams meant that the focus for the skiers was predominantly on technical ability and improving performance. They managed to squeeze in some racing on Friday, where Andrew showed up the instructor by almost beating him. Not all was hard work though as celebrations for Stuart (the Bass instructor’s bday) were held at The Loop in TIgnes on Friday lunchtime, where Rowan managed to shock/impress all by the amount of food he could consume! The variety of lessons has meant that all clients have managed to get a look at the preparations for Winter X games next week. They are currently building kickers bigger than the lifts and the half pipe is huge. Everyone is getting very excited about the event next week.

The snowboarders had Renel this week, who put them through their paces practicing switch on red runs and fine tuning their carving technique. They also had to demonstrate their teaching and practice this ready for next week’s assessment. On Sunday the snowboarder’s built a kicker into powder to practice some of their freestyle moves. This was not quite as big as the one for the X games but a good effort!

Jonty’s leaving drinks were held in Saloon on Friday night. Ben managed to shock everyone yet again with the craziest dance moves, I think he scared the punters away! Or maybe this was his facial hair, as he is currently winning the competition for best mountain beard!