Val d'Isere Week 6

Val 2011 Week 6.jpg
More than half way through the course! time has really flown by here in Val d’Isere. Even thought there hasn’t been a good snowfall for a while, with the bright blue skies and sunshine every day its hard not to be in good mood.


The snowboarders were back under the wing of Neil Mcnair for more instruction with video feedback. Watching themselves on video really highlighted the weaker areas of the snowboarders technique. On the plus side they could watch the videos of themselves from a few weeks before and really see how much they had improved.

The Skiers where back with Snow Fun and the very popular French Instructor David. All well as skiers the group hard David manages to have every one in hysterics with his content French blend of witty banter.
With the icy conditions some one was bound to take a fall and this honor went to Connar who managed to slip and bash his eye. This meant a small road trip down to hospital in Grenoble to get it checked out, all was well in the end with Connar being told that he should just be careful when blowing his noes for the next couple of weeks. It didn’t stop Connar partying over the weekend with the rest of the gang!