Val d'Isere Week 4

2010 Val Week 4.jpg
This week was focused on continual assessment from the Basi level one examiners. Both the skiers and the snowboarders were put through their paces and were not only assessed on their technical skills but also on their teaching ability. Both parties reported improved understanding and also a greater awareness of how they skies/boarded. The groups also learnt about the importance of the different types of learning and how fundamental communication is with teaching. All instructors had to demonstrate their ability to perform the tasks required by the Basi examiners and also show a professional, positive and keen attitude.

The week was extremely demanding as the pupils were being assessed on the hill from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm and then the usual Saloon apres was replaced by lectures for 2 hours each evening, combined with reading the Basi manual. However all the hard work paid off by Friday with a record success rate and celebrations being held with the instructors and 2 for 1 cocktails at Victors. Ben took the partying to another level with another late night in DouDoune, whereas Mark peaked early as usual and went to bed at nine pm. Ben was suffering on Saturday, whereas Mark made first lifts! Saturday was recovery day, there about 2ft of fresh snow but the visibility was fairly shocking so most of the group opted for a few tree runs in la daille followed by a long lunch. A well earned easy day on the mountain after such a busy week.

Saturday night was Elliot’s birthday celebrations which were held in Saloon with the usual toffee vodka and punch bowl. The weather was amazing on Sunday so the basecamper’s got to take advantage of their free day and the untracked powder from yesterday and also putting into practice the tips that they had learnt in the last 3 weeks. Mark’s parents are out visiting and he was using his instructor qualification already giving his mum a lesson on the slopes.

The meeting was held at bar Alexandra on Sunday night, where clients collected post and meal vouchers and also had the opportunity to fill in feedback forms reflecting on the past 4 weeks.