Val D'Isere Week 3

Week 3 saw the start of some serious training in preparation fro the fallowing weeks exam. The start of the preparation involved everyone turning up on time in the morning. The BASS training team made it clear that you wouldnt last very long as an instructor by turning up late and everyone made a real effort, even if some did ignore the advice to not go out in the evening during the school days..

BASS took them through all the skills needed to begin an career in snow sports instruction so there was a fair amount of snowploughing and parallel turns for the skiers.

A few got frustrated that they where being forced to ski so slowly but quickly came round quickly when the BASS instructors started pulling their technique apart. Some pride had to be swallowed but there was now way the BASS guys would stand for poor technique. By the end of the week there was a noticeable difference with the smoothness and style of the skiers. It was agreed buy all that the knowledge of the instructors was worth is weight in gold.

Meanwhile the snowboard gang had the expertise of Neil Mcnair. Watching Neil ride the hill effortlessly also put the snowboarders firmly in their place. But Neil quickly had them back on good spirits. One by demonstration tricks so clearly and breaking them down into such simple components  that the snowboarders where made up with how much they learnt. And secondly buy knowing the mountain so well that even after 3 week with no snow he still took them down some fresh powder runs. Big smile all around.

The week finished with everyone in happy spirits and rather tipsy in Doudoune night club. Dance shapes where no where near as perfect as the skiing and boarding.