Val d'Isere Week 2

Val 2011 Week 2.jpg

After some rare weather conditions in Val that left the snow pack particularly unstable and avalanche prone it s was decided to put all the Base campers through some training exercises using avalanche transceivers. Even though the conditions meant that there would be no off-piste skiing the practice and knowledge the Base Campers learnt made them feel much safer on the mountain. Its is an invaluable skill for every skier and snowboard to have and the training given from the BASS instructors  gave everybody the knowledge to be safe on the mountain.

The Base Campers continued to work on some core techniques so they had a strong base to build on later on in the course with some more advanced manoeuvres. The skiers had to confidently be able to carve on any sort of terrain. Some comical crashes where assured, but no pain no gain as they say!After the first weekend after a good rest and some serious testing of all the bars in Val all the Base Campers where ready to get back out on to the mountain.

Dave, James and Alex ready to tackle a tricky section, full off crunchy snow and mougels