Val d'Isere is getting festive!

For the past 3 weeks we have had nothing but pure sun and good times. Now the snow is coming, it’s becoming more and more festive in Val d’Isere and the fresh powder days are a massive help! The pre-season training is going really well and improvements can already be seen in the Basecampers. As Christmas creeps up on us out here, we’re readying for a fantastic Christmas meal to get everyone together to share stories about our first month in Val d’Isere. Yesterday The Morris Pub attempted a world record Jager Bomb train of 1500 glasses, an amazing sight indeed, but just showing that this year feels like a record-breaking year in the mountains.


New Years is panning out to be a fantastic event in Val d’Isere, with every club putting on a show, who could possibly begrudge someone the opportunity to get out here and enjoy heading into the New Year with us! We have a couple of rooms left, so why not come out and make the most out of the holidays.

All the prep is ready and complete and we’re waiting for everyone to arrive. Soon Joe will be out and all that will be left is to have everyone out with us. With deals at Dicks and centralized rooms right next door to the amazing Fall Line bar, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a fast paced and fun filled start to the season.

Today I’ve gone out to watch the women’s down hill world cup runs, not something many people can say, and definitely not something you can do when you’re back in England. I feel lucky to be out here to witness the snowfall, the sunshine, and to have the mountains as my home.


Less than a month left before the course starts, so get planning, get ready, and I’ll most certainly see you in Geneva!


Val d’Isere is getting festive!
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