Val d'Isere End of Season

Val 2011 Week 11.jpg

After week 9 with a final tune up with the BASS instructors before the 2 week long level 2 exam commencing the Base campers where starting to feel the pressure of having to demonstrate perfect snow ploughs and giving exemplary demo lessons in front of some of the top guys in BASI, and this was without thinking about tackling a huge mogul field with speed and skill.

With some adverse conditions on the first week of the exam the Base Campers had to knuckle down and focus hard to complete the first section of the exam. All in it was a long and cold week. The Clouds came in and sporadic snowfall made conditions tricky. Every one was focusing on trying the best with the knowledge that the X games would be on on the Firday, so there was something Relaxing to look forward to at the end of the week.

When Friday came round everyone meet up on the sides of the slopes in the evening over looking the enormous X games Super Pipe to watch the Mens final. Beers where cracked open snowballs where thrown and every one let their hair down to to appreciate the skill of some of the best riders in the world do what that do best. Go huge and put on a show of huge talent, huge airs and dedication to their sport only most of us could dream of doing.

A long even was completely with a taxi back to Val d’Isere and those with still some energy left grabbing some more drinks in Saloon and dancing the rest of the night away. The 2 snowboarders partied extra hard after finishing there Level 2 successfully.


The last week of the Base Camp Season was finally here. It had been 10 weeks of skiing every day from 9 o’clock  until 4pm Monday to Friday. An achievement for everybody in its self. Only 5 days left! Some couldn’t believe how fast it had flown, some where looking forward to having a good long rest, however there where still more lectures and technically skiing to prove until Friday results Day.

For the Last Week the snowboarders where completing their shadowing hours with UCPA snowboard school, quote an honour since the instructors fro the school have to have been competitively involved in freestyle  competitions before they are granted to be able to work fro UCPA.

For some of the Base Campers the 2nd week of exams was slightly more relaxed as they had been told the where up to level and if they carried on would more than likely pass, the real stress was for the few that where baorder line and just had to push a tiny bit more to make the grade.

Friday finally came round and with the usual meeting spot at Folio Douce there where some big smiles jumping from the table tops. With only a couple of people failing but still feeling good with the effort they put in it was sure to be a good night. Every one was in high spirits and the sun was shinning.

After a night of celebration the sun came out to shine on Saturday morning  as well, perfect weather to head of and have a good end of season BBQ at the bottom of the mountain, with burgers and salad everyone could start curing hangovers and final take a proper breather knowing that there could be no more early starts for a while! Everyone sat around and filled them selves to bursting point discussing the shinanigins of the past 11 weeks. It was a lovely finish to the Base Camp season.  Well Done to everyone!