Val d'Isere 2011 Week 5

Val 2011 Week 5.jpg

Week 5 was freestyle and race training week. With one group of skiers going for the slalom training with Snow Fun and another mixed group of skiers and boarders heading of with Olivier for some freestyle sessions. The conditions here now are very hard, with a bullet proof piste and large icy patches. Needless to say there where a few spills and thrills, bumps and bruises in both camps. A few of the Basecampers decided to take the option to have a more relaxed week and rest up sore knees and feet.

The freestyle grouped pushed hard all week, with morning training on the air bag in Tignes and then afternoons in the perfectly formed Oakley park in Val d’Isere. Back flips, front flips, 360′s where all practised on the airbag. Over in the Val park everyone was hitting the red kickers by the end of week. A good, if slightly scary and painful week overall.