Val d'Isere 2011 Week 4

Val 2011 Week 4.jpg

It was Time! BASI level one was upon the Basecamp gang. It was a week of hard work and long days. Skiing and boarding in the morning with lectures in the evening. Proving they could performing the technical manoeuvres and completing teaching lessons under the keen eyes of BASI.

Some where also suffering from the dreaded Val disease which made things twice as hard. There where some nerves on the Thursday as it was looking like some wouldn’t pass due to the flu. A bit of encouragement from friends some Lemsip and after a long week everyone passed!

100% pass for level one and some brilliant feed back from the BASI tutors for the Basecampers – they where the best bunch of people they had all season! – and it was party night on Friday. Stating as soon as everyone got there results at the infamous Folie Douce the night went on via alot of Jager Bombs and Saloon to the early hours of the morning at Dicks Tea Bar. No one did much on Saturday.