Val d'Isere 2011 Week 1

val 2011 week 1(1).jpg
Val 2011 Week 1(2).jpg

After an almost hitch free transfer from Geneva airport (apart from British Airways forgetting to put Naffs skies on the plane) we all headed off on the sunset lit highway toward Val d’Isere for the start of the 2011 Base Camp season.

Everyone was pretty tired on the journey up to resort (and bored!).  We had a quick stop to pick up a stock of Pringles that coudln’t possibly be consumed in a 3 hours transfer journey, and once back on the coach, a laptop was brough out to play a couple of  Will Ferrell  films.

After being shown to their accommodation, and a bit of unpacking, everyone was recharged ahead of the big bad welcome meeting.

After a few beers, pizzas courtesy of le Foret Bar, the group were ready to head out to the infamous Le Petit Denois for a smallish welcome party a drinks.

Saturday and Sunday were spent getting to grips with first aid along with some outdoor scenarios so every one was ready to hit the slopes confidently on Monday morning.

The rest of the first week involved finding snow legs, skiing and snowboarding with a number of different instructors and organising people into groups of ability.

The sun was out and the snow was fresh, perfect conditions for everyone to find their feet, get used to equipment and find out how fit they were.

Everyone is looking forward to next week when coaching goes into full throttle and preparation for level 1 begins!