Top 5 for Week 5 at Basecamp Meribel!

As yet another super snowy week in the Alps draws to a close, here’s a Top 5 for Week 5 here at Basecamp Meribel:
1.     Basecamp Val D’Isere Pay Meribel as Visit.
Not only did we get to show off our AMAZING on-piste chalet and Jaydene’s home-style cooking skills when a few of the Val D’Isere guys paid us an overnight visit this week, Meribel also turned on a picture perfect bluebird day for our joint training session.  If only BASI Trainer Craig had been so kind… carving on one ski… while carrying our other skis. TRICKY!
2.     A Fresh Face in the Chalet.
Rachel had never seen snow before she joined us in the chalet for a bespoke snowboarding holiday, but by the end of the week, she was showing the course guys how it is done, both on her board, and on the dance floor at Sulli’s!
3.     Ibiza Rocks the Snow… and the Chairlift of Luuurve!
New for 2014, Ibiza Rocks the Snow is bringing the heat of the Balearics to the cool of the Alps for a few weeks across the season.  Week 2 of this in-resort music festival treated us to some awesome (& free) après gigs, a wicked rail jam through the town centre… and even a Chairlift of Luuurve to get those romantics amongst us in the mood while on the piste on Valentines Day…. Xxxxx.
4.     Beth Gets BASI 1
Our lone but fearless female Basecamper sat her BASI Level 1 exam yesterday… and passed with flying colours. Well done Beth!
5.     More SNOW!
You might be getting sick of hearing it, but we’ll never get sick of seeing it… it’s been snowing all day again in Meribel, and there’s still no sign of it stopping. Yeeeeow!
That’s it for me this week… Short & sweet, I know, but if you’re looking for more, check out Joe’s video blog of life at Basecamp Meribel so far!

Whats been going on in Meribel the past month… from TTR Group on Vimeo.


Top 5 for Week 5 at Basecamp Meribel!
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A top 5 for week 5 at Basecamp Meribel.
Here’s a short yet sweet look at week 5 here at Basecamp Meribel. For those hungry for more, check out Joe’s video blog about what’s been going on in Meribel the last month!