The stars have aligned, France has reopened!

The stars have aligned, France has reopened!

January 15th 2022

It was touch and go for a while as we all waited impatiently for the French boarder restrictions to be relaxed.

With course participants making their way from all over the world from as far as Australia and South Africa, to those closer to home from within Europe and of course the UK and Ireland, needless to say pulses were heart rates were at a high!

Eventually after much uncertainty and growing optimism over positive rumours starting to come out of France media we and the whole of the UK finally the news we had been waiting for and the season and our course was given the green light!

On Saturday the 15th January we were finally able to breath a huge a sign of relief as we were able to welcome everyone into Morzine after successfully traveling and crossing the French boarder without issue or delay.

With everyone having gotten settled into Morzine after a day of travelling, Sunday (with a few sore heads from an initial celebratory social Saturday evening) was the time to get the logistics sorted for the week and months ahead. Having met the amazing trainers and hostel staff in the morning everything was now in place. Skis were waxed, edges sharpened and with excitement building to even greater heights we were almost ready for the main event to begin…

Training started bright and early on Monday morning with the brilliant BASS ski school and the conditions couldn’t have been better for the week ahead.

What a week

We have been blessed with a week of incredible sunshine, fantastic snow and very few tourists which had meant that there has been some amazing improvement already in such a short space of time. Everyone is on cloud 9!

With the first week of training now coming to an end, all eyes are focused on the BASI Level 1 exam starting next week.

It’s safe to say that this week has been a huge success so far with everything falling into place (even if it all came down to the last moment – thanks Mr Macron!) as a few of our team can tell you:


Joe Ward, England – “5 days in and still feel like I’m dreaming”


Eliza Coggan, Australia – “since being here I’ve already skied the best snow of my life.”