The Basecamp Mountain Experience

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Mike Attwooll Smart – 11 Week Snowboard Course
“The past 3 months with Basecamp was some of the most fun that I've had. It was full of meeting amazing people who could be friends for life and improving my riding. You get the choice of eating what you want where you want unlike other companies. The main reason I choose Basecamp was you are basically creating a report with the ski school who are looking to hire you.”

Jack Bowman – 11 Week Ski Course
“Unbelievable experience! Would happily live every moment again.”


Joshua Cutter
“I've had an epic season and I'm already planning on how I can get back out here sooner again!
With 4 snowboarders in our group the individual feedback was great which lead to pretty big and quick improvements during the course. The powder days were something else, it might not have been a powder day every day of the season but you would have no problem getting fresh tracks for the entire day (and the entire week after if you know where to look!) All in all an unforgettable season with unforgettable people and unforgettable snow!”

Tom Kelly – 11 Week Ski Course
“Basecamp has been a fantastic 3 months experience will never forget the experience and the fun I have had. The reason Basecamp is so awesome is that you meet so many people from anywhere in the world and everyone is trying to achieve their qualifications and from that your always pumped. The staff and reps too are always chatty and interested in your day and sometimes joins in with your group and films us skiing. Such a great company that can provide this amazing opportunity for anyone. If your looking for a great time lots of fun and a great chance of meeting new people go with Basecamp and the opportunities you receive in the future never end and are awesome”

Declan Edwards – 11 Week Ski Course
“It was the most amazing 3 months of my life, the instruction on the mountain was priceless, and the night life in Banff was entertaining. After talking to other people on different courses, they wish they had booked with Basecamp.”

Gavin George – 11 Week Ski Course
“I emailed Basecamp about a brochure, and the next day i had one in the post. This showed me from the start that they we interested about having me on the course. Everything was amazing, from the beginning right through to the end. I have had such an awesome 3 months in Banff, from skiing to partying. I would recommend Basecamp to anyone thinking about training to become a ski instructor”

Adam Lucas – 11 Week Ski Course
“Couldn't recommend Basecamp highly enough! The hard work and enthusiasm shown by the whole team make the company what it is, from the first phone call to the end of the trip I felt very well looked after. The accommodation and food arrangements are by far the best offered on instructor courses in Banff, it's great to be able to choose from different restaurants every night, eating what and when you want to. The skiing at lake Louise was amazing, with powder and terrain to remember. The training was always great fun and left us well prepared for the exams, with the 1:1 lessons being a great feature. From speaking to people on other courses in town I definitely think I chose the best company. Banff is an incredible town with so much going on every day, you can never be bored and will have an unreal few months out there with Basecamp!”

Rosie Webb – 4 Week Snowboard Instructor Course – now working at Lake Louise
“I took the Basecamp 4 week snowboard instructor course at Lake Louise, Banff for the 2012/2013 season.  Life on Basecamp was AMAZING, we had top training from the best instructors at the hill and our riding improved more than my expectations.  Despite the slight set back of a broken wrist (it happens) I am now currently working at the Lake Louise ski hill along with my other fellow Basecampers who stayed on to work for the season.  I would highly recommend this course to others as it was a fantastic experience, Basecamp were brilliant with organising jobs for us and it was awesome value for money.  If your on the fence about doing a course…just do it, you won't regret it.”

Gordon Mackay – 11 Week Ski Course
“Basecamp came recommended by a family member. I checked the other company's as well to make sure but Basecamp were friendly and wanted you to make you comfortable with what they are offering, unlike others who didn't seem fussed about anything you needed. Lake louise is beautiful and so much to explore. I've been here 11 weeks and still have skiing most of the mountain. The instructors are amazing and you learn so much and your skiing changes ridiculously. You don't even have to be that experienced. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for the best experience of a lifetime. The price is only a minor price for what you get in the long run.”

Will Weynberg – 11 Week Ski Course
“Had the best three months of my life! And even better I'm now a level two ski instructor!”