So much to see, so little time

Leaving Whistler, Linley and I agreed, that we had never been anywhere like it. If Walt Disney drew up a mountain, Whistler Blackcomb would be it. Unfortunately, time is at a premium, Linley and I are on stage 3 of one of the tightest schedules we have ever known, a full round up not only of each resort that we have been to, but also about ski and snowboarding in Canada will follow shortly.

Seeing so many resorts, so close together, gives us some fantastic perspective on exactly what is out there if you are a skier or snowboarder looking to join a CSIA / CASI instructor programmes in Canada.

On our last count there are 174 ski resorts in Canada, sadly our 1 week road trip doesn't give us time to see them all, however Basecamp has been offering ski instructor courses in Canada since 2004, so there is plenty of experience to draw on there.

Our reseach before the trip, drew us into a lesser known resort called Sun Peaks, found in the East of British Columbia. Sun Peaks boasts to be Canada's 3rd largest ski area.

In short, Sun Peak is a pretty special place, and if you are looking for somewhere like no where else, you would be hard pushed to find anything better than a resort like Sun Peaks.

Sadly, Linley and I have another meeting in 5 mins (our 23rd meeting I think it is), a full write up on exactly why we are still dreaming of Sun Peaks will be tapped up and online shortly, in the meantime, here are a few iphone photos, (the Canon is 5 floors down, locked in the Basecamp car). 

I am typing this from Banff, we arrived here last night, first time for Linley and I and we are immediately impressed, it is exactly what we imagine Canada to look like.

After our various meetings, (expertly lined up by Linley, mastermind of this entire trip schedule) we are heading up the mountain. Basecamp courses in Banff traditionally favour and operate ski and snowboard instructor training in the Lake Louise area. For those of you that don't know Banff offers 3 resorts, Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Norquay.

For Basecamp planners back in 2003, the question was simple, “Where is best?” Answer ” “Lake Loiuse”  Great, we will set up there….

9 years later andan  all new Basecamp is undergoing a rethink at the hands of Linley and I, not just in Banff, but throughout the whole of Canada.

So much to write, so little time, I fear this update may have disintegrated into a rambling babble.

We have the weekend in Banff before flying back Monday.

We'll keep you posted


The Canadian Road Trip Continues
ski courses in Canada,
Will and Linley’s road trip to rediscover Basecamp ski and snowboard instructor courses in Canada continues….