Skiing, Sledging and much More, Week 7 in Meribel

As Week 7 draws to a close in Meribel we can look back and say that was a good week. The snow keeps coming and mixes it up with some sunny days for some excellent sking.

With their exams looming the two BASI Groups have been up on the mountain all day practising all the different elements of the BASI 2 Sylabus, especially taxing has been some of the more variable terrain and moguls but with practise and perseverance the guys have been getting there. They have also been working on their teaching and looking at new ideas for sessions to get them thinking about the finer points of teaching skiing.

Performance wise the bias has been more on piste this week with Marco teaching. They have been doing a number of drills to really concentrate on long and short turns with just a little dip in the powder at the end of the week. The author was highly critiqued for putting one foot too far ahead of the other while carving.

Another good week for socials with a couple of nights out and an classic English Buffet to finish the week. The highlight of the week was the Sledging in Courchevel which was followed by food and drink at the Bubble Bar in 1650. The sledging was amazing fun and overall won by Oli Morland with 3 wins out of 4, the winner of the best stack went to everyone for some truly funny crashs.