Ski school experience

BASI Snow School Experience

On top of passing your exams, BASI have a required that everyone must log a set number of snow school experience hours to gain valuable internal ski school knowledge and experience as well as assisting in your own personal development as a ski instructor.

Shadowing is one of the many ways that students can meet this requirement and these shadowing hours will go towards building up the BASI Snow School experience hours. You are required to log 35 hours of snow school experience after completing of BASI Level 1 and an additional 35 hours is required before the level 2 exam, 70 hours in total.

Shadowing is where you are skiing with a fully qualified instructor and their group. This could be a lesson with adults or kids and it gives you a chance to get stuck in and to see the structure of lessons in a real-life, real-time environment. This is such an important developmental step in becoming a BASI instructor as it gives you a chance to question a top level BASI Level 4 instructor on their lesson; why they taught something a certain way, the methods & techniques used, any issues the instructor came across with those being taught and how the instructor analysed the issue and came with the most effective solution.

During the winter school holidays all course participants will be given the perfect opportunity to learn and experience this first hand.

Learning class management and learning how best to build a rapport with customers are just two of the many skills that you will soak up within shadowing hours and are essential skills when you become a ski instructor.