Safe Arrivals in a Snowy Banff!

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Greetings from a very snowy morning in Banff! Last night saw the majority of our 11 week instructor trainees arrive into town, and they have been greeted by a fresh 6 inches of snow overnight!
Greeted by Tom at the airport the crew arrived into town at about 5pm, just in time for see Banff by day light and take in the amazing scenery of what will be their home for the next 11 weeks.
After settling in and un-packing in their rooms (everyone has a twin share bed in the Basecamp house, the Arrow Hotel) we headed off in to town for a Welcome Meal, and a few drinks. Given that the 7pm was 2am in the morning on everyone’s body clocks everyone faired very well! There was a quick split from those who wanted to head off and pursue some more of the Banff night life, and those who wanted to take the opportunity for an early night and a chance to sleep off the jet lag.
We’ve woken today with a fresh covering of snow, and with it even more excitement and anticipation about the first day on the ski hill! Today is a relaxed day, we are about to head off into town to collect the season ski passes (collecting your first season pass is a big moment for any seasonnaire!) and then we will highlight the main spots in town. This afternoon the town of Banff is putting on a street festival to send off the Canadian Olympians who are preparing to make their way to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 games.
This evening we have a ski tuning and kit purchasing session at the top ski shop in town, Soul Ski and Bike, who are giving us a private couple of hours in the which is a great chance for everyone to get to know the staff and benefit from their awesome rates.
Then we’re heading up to Lake Louise tomorrow for a day of freeskiing, giving everyone the chance to dust off the cobwebs and get to know the ski area before the first day of training on Monday.
So all in all a great arrival, and lots of happy faces on the ground!
Safe Arrivals in Banff! Ski Instructor Courses, Canada
The 11 week course crew have all arrived safely, and have been greeted by a fresh covering of snowfall!
The 11 week course crew have all arrived safely, and have been greeted by a fresh covering of snowfall!