Remy – Performance Ski Instriuctor

Remy Schmitt
Has been in Val d’Isere all his life, is an amazing instructor and loves off piste
Remy Val d'isere.jpg
Nationality: French
Basecamp Job Title: Performance Ski Coach
Where's home? Val d'Isere
Ski Qualifications: French Qualification

Remy has been skiing for 49 years and has skied all over the world, riding some of the best and most challenging terrain. He has been part of the Basecamp team for 10 years and always provides an exciting, thorough and professional teaching experience for the Basecampers. He has achieved a huge amount in the industry, however he says he feels he has achieved the most in the backcountry. Having skied some of the most difficult and challenging terrain in France and being a mountain guide through the summer in Val d'Isere, his knowledge of the local area is second to none. 

The mountains keep Remy skiing each day and whilst in a lesson with him, you won't just learn how to ski better, but will soak up a huge amount of interesting knowledge about the Espace Killy mountains, the conditions, the different types of terrain and much much more. Breakfast, sun and powder gets him out of bed each morning, he lives for the mountains and has made a huge success out of doing so. Remy is a free skier around France and has the views that you have to love skiing instead of loving money and business. It's a life style choice, and it's his lifestyle of skiing and being in the mountains which keeps him going.