Olivier Lipps – Freesyle Instructor

Olivier Lipps
One of France’s most experienced freestyle instructors
Age: 36 
Nationality: French
Job title with BC: Head Performance and Freestyle coach
Where’s home? Tignes
Qualifications: French Ski and Snowboard Certificate

Olivier has been with Basecamp for 4 years and has been skiing and snowboarig for the last 20. His experience and knowledge of the Espace Killy is fornomial and being taught by him is an absoulte dream. Olivier has held the French Ski and Snowboard qualifications for 12 years and thrives at getting on the mountain with Basecampers to show them what it's all about. 

He lives in Tignes with a few friends and it's a good solid park and fresh snow that gets him out of bed each morning. He is one of the best and most experienced freestyle coaches in France and it's for this reason he is such a valuable member of the Basecamp team. 

Olivier is also a qulaifed sky diver and lives for an extreme life, it's this and the feeling of riding that keeps him doing what he does. Oliviers lesson in life is to respect nature, the conditions, the weather and all the other elements you face in the mountains, do this and you will have the most enjoyable time possible.