Obtaining your BASI License

Obtaining your BASI Licence is vital if you wish to teach as a ski instructor or snowboard instructor!

There are a few essential things that need to be done to process your BASI Licence. This is split into two sections:

1. What Basecamp do for you
2. What YOU need to do

1. What Basecamp do for you:
          – Provide you with BASI Level 1 and 2 Training
          – Cover you for the BASI 1 and 2 Exam Fees amd provide all necessary training manuels
          – Provide you with an HSC Approved First Aid Course
          – Make you a BASI associate member
          – Cover you for all neccessary ski/snowboard school experience

2. What YOU need to do pre and post passing your exams:
          Pre Passing your Exams:
          – Complete a CRB (Criminal Record Check) – Please see below for more information…
Upload a photo your BASI member profile. Upon Basecamp registering you with BASI, they will send you your personal log in details to the member section of their website.
          Post Passing your Exams:
          – Complete the Safe Guarding Children Module – Please see below for more information…
Contact the BASI Office to become a full memeber. This is a fee of £25 if done before September, thereafter it's £60. The annual membership with BASI is £60, the reason you will                 only have yo pay £25 before September is because Basecamp have already made you an associate member for the year of your Basecamp Course.

Once you have done all of the above BASI will post you your licence and you are then ready to start a career as a ski instructor…

Criminal Record Check (CRB) – Disclosure Scotland
Basecamp require everyone doing an instructor course to complete a CRB check before arriving in resort. This needs to be done so that can you shadow instructors legally, or if you wish to obtain work as an instructor in the same season after you qualify. It is also a requirement from BASI and you won’t be able to obtain your license without one. The cost of the check is £25 and you can do this online via Disclosure Scotland. Please use the below as a guide to completing the form: (If you are not a British Citizen you will need to obtain a criminal record check from your country of birth).

1. Visit the Disclosure Scotland Website at this link – http://www.disclosurescotland.co.uk/apply-online/
2. Click the ‘Start Application’ button and follow the instructions.
3. Please remember to have a copy of your passport or driving license with you when filling out the form.

4. Once you have finished the form please email a copy of your passport, driving license or birth certificate to [email protected] and don’t forget to reference the 16 digit reference number provided at the end of the online application. An example email can be seen below:

To Whom it May Concern,

Please find my (passport, driving license or birth certificate) attached. The 16-digit reference number provided at the end of my online application is –

Please bring a copy of your criminal record check to resort and keep it in a safe place. Leave the original at home so it can be copied and sent whereever necessary…

Safe Guarding Children Module – An Online Module via the BASI Website
Another requirment to be able to obtain your BASI License is the Safe Guarding Children Module. The module consists of a multiple choice questionaire concentraing on situations you would have to manage if teaching children. You are required to complete the module and have as many attempts as it takes.

The module can be booked online via your BASI memeber area and can be completed online!

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