New Year – New Season – New Basecamp 2012

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With so much anticipation about the 2012 season, it is hard to believe that our Basecamp 2012 season in Val d'Isere has landed. So much planning has gone into this season, made extra special because it marks our 10th Year.

This morning was all about getting everything set for the season. Season lift passes, ski board and boots fitted, a quick tour around the town and then up the mountain.

For all of us here at Basecamp Operations, hearing the excitement, the laughter and the jokes between basecampers as they gear for their season of a lifetime, provides all the fuel we need to remind us exactly why we all do what we do here at basecamp ski and snowboard..!

Today's message has been all about staying safe, learning from the best and loving every second.

See you up here!!

Will Tom Linley Guillaume, Piers and Claire