Neil McNair – Snowboard Instructor – Val d'Isere

Neil McNair
One of the best all round snowboard coaches in Europe, being taught by Neil is a dream
Age: 33
Nationality: British
Basecamp Job Title: Head BASI Snowboard Coach
Where's home? Tignes, France (one lift away from Val D'Isere)
Snowboard Qualifications: BASI Level 4 ISTD, Snowboard Trainer

Neil is a world class snowboard coach and has been riding for over 22 years all over the world with some of the best snowboarders on the planet. He has been teaching Basecamp students for 8 years and the feedback we get year after year never lessens our expectations. Having always had an love for being outside and amougst the mountains Neil left school and has since didicated his entire life to making a career out of snowboarding and not having to join the rat race. He has therefore had the opportunity to travel and ride some of the best mountains in the world, an inspiring feat to any dreamy snowboarder. 

He has now settled in Tignes with his girlfriend and 3 year old daughter, the main reason he gets out of bed each morning. Neil thrives at riding fresh lines, riding with friends, teaching and always trying to be creative and that he certianly is. You only have to got for a few sessions with him to realise his ability on a board, and this certainly filters through to the Basecampers. 

Neil comments that if he were'nt a snowboarder his destiny would have been to become a lumperjack, well that's what his careers officer at school said. Neils lesson in life is that it can be extremely rewarding but equally cruel. Appreciate every moment, don't become complacent. All we can say at Basecamp, is get out to Val d'Isere and experience riding and being taught by Basecamp team member Neil…