Must be a piste take

We are all familiar with the draws of a good old spray tan, and those of us with a few hardened seasons are also familiar with a solid set of goggle marks.

Is getting a spray tan wearing your goggles in order to get the goggle marks really happening?

According to the Daily Mail it is, and if they are to be believed for anything that they write, it is actually fashionable?

Surely not!

For some, goggle marks are what underlines a hardy seasonnaire, something to makes you stand out from the crowds of holiday makers in resort. For others, google marks are something that should be avoided at all costs, goggles are for white out  days, sunglasses are for sunny ones, and both should be removed on a chairlift and certainly never worn during lunch.

Men wearing shorts in winter – much more serious crime

The debate over goggle marks is as simple as this, you either like them or you don't. On the flipside, the debate on people that where shorts in ski resorts is definately not open to interpretation, it is not cool, and definately not clever, and anyone that ventures into the centre of a ski resort wearing a pair of shorts during the winter season suprised to be telling people that “they hadn't really thought about it” when asked “WHY”?  

Understand this…“shorts are for when it is too hot to wear trousers”

This is rarely the case in the mountains, when 1600 metres above sea level with the thermometre in the centre of town registering air temperatures of minus 5.

Shorts in the mountains a statement, eventhough we are not sure what this statement actually is.  Agreed people should be free to wear what they like, and the world would be a sad old place if you couldn't (another debate), however hopefully we have made ourselves clear on where we stand on this one.

Next up men in kilts that aren't actually Scottish…?

Back to the goggle mark spray tan, this surely is a joke? Do people really do this?

If you would, and are not afraid to admit it, we salute you for having no shame, we are even willing to pay for your next spray tan with googles on visit. 

Get you next Spray tan with Goggles on for FREE

To get your next spray tan goggle session on us, just drop a comment in the box below along the lines of what else is or is not acceptable clothing in a ski resort, and as a thank you we will pay for your next spray tan visit.

Googles ON

Goggle Mark Spray Tans
FREE Goggle mark spray tan. If the rumours are true and people are actually doing this, we want to know what else you think looks cool in a ski resort and we will sponsor your next visit to the spray tan studio so as long as you bring your goggles.
Surely the idea of getting a spray tan with goggles on, in order to give yourself the “skier look”is a joke? If not and there are people willing to actually do it, all you have to do is tell us what else you think looks cool in a ski resort and we will pay for your next goggle mark spray tan