Meribel Winter 2013

Having spent the last 4 months in Val d'Isere managing the courses I thought it was time to get in the car and pop over to Meribel for the day. I couldn't have picked a better day than Thursday this past week. We had had about 30cm of snow here in Val d'Isere on Wednesday so I figured Meribel must of got a slice of the pie. I arrived to cloud and poor visitbilty, but these fears where soon far fetched as I got on the chair and saw sunshine at the top. It was like skiing in January again, soft fluffy snow up to my knees on 125mm skis, it was heaven. 

I was lucky enough to be shown round the ski area by Will's cousin Millie. Millie is an excellent example of someone who did an instructor course a few years back. Having passed her BASI Level 2 in Meribel, she went onto to do another season with the aim of passing the Test Technique and Eurotest. These are the two exams you have to pass if you want to be able to teach in France and they are extremely hard. I thought I could ski ok, but Millie gave me a run for my money. Aside from that she did a great job and we skied some great powder. 

Coming down from the hill I decided it was time to get some snaps and videos of the town and ski area. What an amazing place Meribel is. It's very different to Val, in the sense that it feels smaller and not as hectic. It's a perfect place to spend a season if you above the age of 25/26, are looking for some chill time and of course some awesome skiing. 

Spending the day in Meribel got me extremely excited for the course that will be running there next year. We will be working with the most experienced English and French Instructors enabling us to provide a coaching program of the highest quality which in turn will produce a level 2 pass rate of 85%. 

Having had such a great day I thought I'd do it justice with a short video. Happy watching, I think it's time for me to put my skis on and sample another 30cm of the fresh stuff. 

Until next time…