Meribel Diary – Week 1

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The sun is setting on an increasingly snowy Meribel at the end of an excellent first week with 2 BASI Groups and a Performance Group getting under way. To kick off, a little social ski was arranged before kicking off the training. The training has been first class for all the courses and there has been some marked improvement in all the Basecampers. Along with this everyone as been getting immersed in resort life with nights out, apres and comedy nights.



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This week marked the start of the BASI 1 course with 2 groups starting the course. The trainers for the week have been Martin Jeffers and Craig Conkie from BASS (British Alpine Ski School), both about experienced as its possible to get. The main subjects for the week have been the concentration on technique, especially in the turns with the groups looking at different turning methods and especially the snowplough.


Performance Courses 

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The performance courses kicked off on Monday afternoon with Dom from ESI Snow Systems taking the guys through there paces all over the massive expanses of the 3 Valleys. The standard has been high and the group has been progressing at a fast pace. Generally the students have been practising in the park and around Mont Vallon in the morning before heading out with Dom to hit some challenging pistes and offpiste concentrating on getting their technique down and pushing themselves.



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The Basecampers have been enjoying the delights of Meribel but have still been up bright and early for a nice big breakfast. The socials for this week have been a getting to know each other pub crawl around Meribel Centre, a trip to Lodge du Village to see Bring Your Sisters for Apres, a trip to see the comedy at Jacks and finally a ski to Rond Point for Dominoes at Apres.


The Upcoming Week

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Next week promises more of the same with a lot of new snow. The BASI students continue their Level 1 training with consequutive mornings and afternoons throughout the week for the two groups and the performance groups will be starting to concentrate on some serious powder turns  on the mornings. With regards to social events there is a nigthout in Mottaret planned with Mark Warner, a quiz and an Ice Hockey Match in the 1992 Olympic Stadium.

Week 1 Video to Follow

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