Meribel Backcountry Heaven

Meribel has some of the best offpiste skiing and snowboarding in Europe!

We can say it all we like, but in reality nothing beats a good video full of off-piste powder in Meribel.
Thanks to our friends at we have just stopped what we are doing to watch this cool clip put together by Nokia.

In follow up to last season, we are once again running Basecamp Performance ski courses in Meribel. When the conditions are right, off-piste skiing is the major focus of this course. 

Rather than simply adapt the schedule of our ski instructor courses in Meribel, our Performcance courses follow a completely seperate coaching format and are run by the region's best local French ski instructors. There is no question about it, these guys know the mountain better than anyone.

Our BASI ski instructor courses in Meribel run 100% of the coaching with the top British Instructors, all of whom are right at the top of the BASI system.

The two courses are totally different and the way in which they are coached reflects this. The only similarity between our Performance and Ski Instructor courses in Meribel being that no matter which full season course trainees choose, the level of service off the mountain in terms of where we stay in Meribel  is exactly the same. Basecamp courses treat on the mountain training and in resort care as two separate things managed by two separate team, of course there is crossover, however when it comes to delivering  each side well, having two teams is key.

Performance Ski Courses in Meribel

We have been operating in Meribel since 2002. This season is our 12th season in Meribel and Pierre Francois (Head ofBasecamp Performance training in Meribel) and his team have been involved since the very start.

Seperating our Performance coaching to be totally different from our BASI instructor courses in France was a devlopment that we brought in 2 seasons ago, it is fair to say that this separation was one of the best 'on the mountain' course developments we have made in recent years. The separation in training styles and course content means that courses are not trying to be all things to all skiers. You are either in resort to train to become a BASI ski instructor or you are on a course that's sole focus is on taking your skiing to the next level.

Performance skiers are not interested in spending time off the mountains learning how to become ski instructors, instead they all about mastering the mountain in all is different forms. For our Performance courses, the french style of coaching is definately the way to go. Less fous on the technical with a strong emphasis on the practical. As a result our performance courses end up covering as much of the mountain as is humanely possible in one winter season.

Our team of French instructors are known for being some of the best and most knowledgeable skiers in resort, and now that they do not have to get involved in any element of the BASI training, the course they offer for our Performance skiers is world class.

Fingers crossed for  a season of snow like last season, because if we get that again, our performance skiers in Meribel are in for a real treat.

It's the Manchest Ski show this weekend followed up by the London one the week and weekend after.

See you there

Basecamp Director and Resort Manager Meribel 2012/13

Basecamp Courses in Meribel

To find out which is the best option for you, speak to one of our course experts today, everyone in our UK office, has had direct expereinces of either being on a basecamp course or has been involved in the running of a basecamp course. Everyone you speak to about this coming winter will be out there with you this season, so you know that the advice they give you is advice you can really trust.

Off PIste in Meribel not Piste off in London
Meribel has some of the best off piste skiing in Europe.This video from Nokia show you some of what is on offer on a powder day in the Meribel Valley.
We have been saying it for years, Meribel has some of the best off piste skiing in Europe.This video from Nokia show you some of what is on offer on a powder day in the Meribel Valley.