Living. The. Dream!

Living. The. Dream!

Why become a ski instructor?

Well the short answer is because it really is living “the dream”.

Well “the dream” is obviously a subjective term so let us explain. By getting your level 2 qualification, it means you are eligible for full time employment in ski schools all over the world, in places like Canada, Japan, Switzerland and New Zealand – to name just a few incredible destinations.

Within a lot of these countries there are options for summer employment with sister companies to the ski schools which can eventually lead to sponsorship and even citizenship in the long term. This gives you the opportunity to travel the world and experience things very few people can say they have.

Ski instructing isn’t only extremely fun but it also greatly improves your people and communication skills as well as a great variety of other transferrable strengths that can be taken into all areas of life.

By consistently interacting with people from all ages and all walks of life you will naturaly mould into a warm, welcoming person able to adapt and communicate so effectively. Key strengths much sought after throughout any career and life plan you choose to follow.

Another reason you are – Living the Dream – is due to living and working with your friends, likeminded and passionate winter enthusiasts and having the opportunity to travel the world with them, creating unforgettable and life changing memories.

Working as a ski instructor is such an amazing feeling, being able to wake up every day, go to work with all your best friends and create stories together in this incredible mountain environment that you can call your office!

Guaranteed to be the best decision you will ever make!

Joe Boardman, England, BASI L3 instructor and 2022 Course Manager – “The rat race doesn’t exist in the mountains, we do this because we absolutely love it, we are passionate about it and we wouldn’t change it for the world. “