Jamie's journey to Val d'Isere…

A simple Easyjet flight but with the most amazing of destinations. My final stop, Val d’Isere. There aren’t many places abroad I could safely call home, but out here, in the midst of lush powder streaming through every mountain corridor, I feel I have found my second home. People are starting to finally arrive in resort, and the buzz is back. I don’t think there is anything better than feeling the Val d’Isere buzz at it’s best, you’re in for an absolute treat when you all arrive! The bars are finally starting to open, and it’s been nothing but blue skies since the minute I’ve arrived. There is nothing better than waking up to the most amazing view ever!

The View from the Basecamp apartments…not bad ey?

Regardless of where you look, Val d’Isere seems to fulfill everything you’d want from a ski resort. Nightlife, friendship and complete enjoyment in the work you’re doing. Some of you may be embarking early to come and enjoy this wintery wonderland with me during the opening part of the season, whilst a lot of you will be joining me on the commencement of your course in January, but whenever you come, and however you are able to get here, it will be something you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

Myself and Elliot Stone – ex Basecamper and now on a BASS Scholarship.

Being out here gives me the chance to make sure that when you arrive, your seasons experience will be second to none, and I’m so excited to get out all out here to share my experience of Val d’Isere with you, and to help you build your own.
I’d give my first week a 10 out of 10, and I’d expect nothing less for when our courses start. It’s not far away now…

See you out here!


Jamie’s arrived in Val d’Isere…
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A short update of Jamies travels and first week in Val d’Isere. The town is filling up and everyone is pumped for the season ahead! Read more…
Jamie’s first week in Val