It's powder time in Val d'Isere!

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It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks our here in Val d’Isere. There have been a few people asking about snow conditions in Val d’Isere, and the only answer we can give you right now is…. Amazing! Since sampling some of Italy’s finest powder, we’ve been treated to some of our own in Val d’Isere, and it’s been great fun. Joe has taken a few of the Basecampers over to Meribel to go rendez-vous with our amazing Bri and the students out there, there aren’t many people who can say they’ve been travelling between Val d’Isere, Italy and Meribel in the space of a couple of weeks!

This week we have the qualifiers of Frost Gun, a competition sponsored by Red Bull where they build one of the biggest jumps I have ever seen. For the next couple of days we will be able to see some of the best winter athletes, which is something special while the winter Olympics are on.

We had a great 24 hours the other day where 51 tasks were set for the Basecampers to complete, but these weren't normal tasks, wild and wacky tasks set in the centre of town and on the mountain. It's safe to say that everyone had an amazing time and there are some hilarious photos to be seen, and i'm sure, some that will remain unseen. In fact, i've never seen such a large group of people so competitive to win, yet sharing information on how to complete the tasks with each other. It's something that we're definately doing again!

We’re about half way through the course now and it’s been nothing short of special so far. The snow has been fantastic and we’ve had some great weather. The Basecampers have been kept busy with incredible powder, and yesterday was probably one of the best riding days I’ve had in powder since I started skiing all those years ago!  With more snow on the way, this season can only get better and better. We hope to see you all out here at some point. Keep an eye out for the next video blog update…
Until next time,
Jamie and Joe

It’s powder time in Val d’Isere!
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