It's not just powder, also hit the Parks in Banff

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There's a buzz about Banff, no denying it. Lake Louise, set in the Banff National park, has built up the reputation as having the best snow conditions in Canada, and with a record breaking March the powder has been nipple deep and there have been fresh tracks around the ski terrain every day!

The powder conditions of Lake Louise need no introductions, but one thing that is often over looked are the incredible snow parks. Freestyle is all part of the furniture in the Lake, and with a thriving Freestyle community it has got everything you could want, aswesome Freestyle with Banff's best parks (see video below).

If Freestyle's something you want to take more seriously on our 11 week instructor course you have the chance to take your Park Level 1 qualification, and build up your credentials in the park.

What are the Snow Parks like in Lake Louise?

This video has been put together by a handful of local Lake Riders, and is from their website

Freestyle in Banff
It’s not all pow pow pow in Lake Louise, it’s got the largest snow parks in the area, and a thriving freestyle scene