Is a ski instructor course really worth it?

With the instructor industry growing larger and getting increasingly more competitive, how would you justify the decision to embark on an instructor course? Take a look at these facts and see for yourself! 

  • Let’s not forget that during the course you could get up to 11 weeks of pure skiing. Your technique and quality of skiing would improve dramatically!
  • You learn some vital life skills whilst on the course. Teaching, leadership, organization, patience and time keeping are just some that employers would love to see in a candidate.
  • The course opens doors into the industry. You’ll meet instructors, peers and managers of ski schools, along with many fantastic connections around resort.
  • If you love the mountains then why not make them your work office, what could be better?! Having fresh mountain air and the feel of snow underneath your feet every day is something some people can only dream about!
  • Whilst you’re out there, you’ll make a great base of friends, who could potentially go on to become ski instructors. This can give you the foundation to a potentially great network of industry contacts, which is invaluable. As well as these contacts, your instructors may go on to be your prospective employers. Absolutely fantastic contacts to have, and a great chance to prove what you’re all about whilst you’re on the course.
  • Although it may be a big investment, if you take a great qualification that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life out the equation, you’ll know you won't be left short. If you tried to find 11 weeks of skiing, with a mass number of lessons, including accommodation and food, I assure you that you’d find it incredibly hard to beat the price of an instructor course.
  • You could be making on average 10-15 euros or dollars an hour with Level 2 and could potentially work up to 40 hours a week during the busy periods of the season. This is a potential of 560 euros or dollars a week, which would rise, as your experience gets greater. Your accommodation is sometimes included within your job contract and taken out of your wage. For example in Lake Louise, Banff, you would be paying $8 a day which is deducted from you pay giving you a large opportunity to earn and save.

If we look at this from the perspective of students who have taken the Basecamp Ski and Snowboard course, how has it been beneficial?

Check out some testimonials of past customers of Basecamp.

  • You’ll be able to gain employment experience in several countries including Italy and Canada. Students Jack and Nash have taken this opportunity in New Zealand after gaining some experience in Italy. Read their story HERE!


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Is an instrucor course really worth it?
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Not sure if you want if to spend the money to become an instructor? Here is some facts as to why an instructor course is justifiable. Read more…
Key facts as to why doing an instructor course in justifiable.