I wish I was back there…where?……Val d'Isere!!!

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Well sadly I am no longer out in the snowy mountains of Val d'Isere.

My trip out there was really to see in Basecamp season number 10, and with numbers for this season doubling from last season, there wasplenty to keep me busy..!

“Best snow conditions in 35 years” is the word in Val d'Isere, and this comes direct from our friends in resort who have quite literally been there for 35 years. Tom remains out in resort for the entire season and with the group we have and the conditions combined, he couldn't be happier.

Our BASI 1 and 2 Skiers and Snowboarders settled into training almost immiediately. This year, the emphasis is on focus and our trainee instructors seem to have it by the bucket load. In the 4 days that I was out there, everyone was on time for everything that was organised. The guys and girls on a full season courseare looking mighty smart in their basecamp uniforms by Westbeach and as a group we really are turning heads in resort for all the right reasons. Just what we want for our guys and girls looking to launch a career in the ski andsnowboard industry.

Our performance courses are also right underway, it is great to have local instructors at the centre of these courses, they really do know the mountain better than anyone.

Even 4 days out of the office, has put us 'behind the curve' (big shout to FM in HK) the enquiries for both late season 2012 courses as well as next years 2012/13 season have gone back to the level when Basecamp pioneered BASI courses in France back in 2002.

1 more day and we will have it back under control. 

Meanwhile, Tom and the basecamp Val d'Isere crew continue on in their snowy mountain bliss.

Keep an eye for Tom's next update

See you back out there soon!!