How to get work in Italy as a ski instructor with Interski?

Work as an ski instructor in Italy for Interski

So you’ve completed your Level 2 Qualifications and are ready to pursue your career as a ski instructor in Italy. Look no further than Interski in the Aosta Valley.

Over the years Basecamp has built a strong relationship with Interski. They love the way we train our instructors and are always keen to employ anyone how has been on one of our courses.

Whether you’ve done a course with us in the past, or are just about to embark on one, simply head to for everything you need to know about working in Italy.

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How to apply for a job as a ski instructor in Italy

  • Read through the Interski Snowsport School Instructor Guidebook – This will provide you with all the information that you would need to know about working for Interski and the instructor package –
  • After registering your details – fill out the online form and send copies of the following documents:
    • First aid certificate
    • Passport photo page
    • Criminal record disclosure
    • BASI Level 2 Licence or ISIA recognised equivalent.
  • You may receive an offer of employment for specific teaching weeks Interski are recruiting for.
  • You MUST sign and return the requested documents on the SAME day!!!
  • If you are applying near to the season there needs to be an extremely prompt turnaround in documents as Interski have to send a dossier to the local government for each instructor wishing to teach in the Aosta Valley. Failure to send the documents through on time will cause their offer of employment to be revoked.

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If you’ve got any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on [email protected] .

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